Register Your PSP Go, Get Gran Turismo For Free


Planning to buy a PSP Go at launch? Make sure you register the handheld with Sony by October 10 for a free copy of Gran Turismo PSP.

Crucial details from Sony’s Gamescom 2009 press conference:

To celebrate the launch of PSP Go, people who register their Gos between the 1st and the 10th of October will get a free digital copy of GT PSP.

Keep in mind, the copy of Gran Turismo PSP in question is almost certainly a digital download. Since the PSP Go has evolved beyond the mortal trappings of the UMD drive, it wouldn’t make any sense for Sony to ship hard copies of the game.

Now the only question is this: With Gran Turismo PSP being such an immense game (some reports say it includes more than 500 heavily detailed cars) with graphics that rival the series’ gorgeous PlayStation 2 entries, just how immense is the download going to be?

Even with broadband, you have to imagine a number of PSP Go purchasers are going to be miffed that their new toy is asking them to spend a few hours twiddling their thumbs and praying to St. Comcast of Ann Harbor, the patron saint of faster download speeds.

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