Regroup Esports, a media and entertainment company specializing in electronic sports, recently acquired the world’s second largest Xbox fansite, Xbox Users Group.

Regroup Esports has several years of experience in the market of PC-based e-sports, and is purchasing the XUG community site to enter into the world of console gaming.

“By purchasing XUG, we hope to gradually bring together two separate gaming worlds – being respectively the world of consoles and the world of e-sports. We believe that such a mix will become useful and exciting to both gamer segments. In addition to this, the purchase is very attractive for us since 60 percent of all users of the XUG are from the states – an area we’re very interested in getting to know better,” says Mark Peter Fries, CEO of Regroup Esports.

According to XUG´s former owner and future Community Director, Cornelis van den Bosch, Regroup Esports will help XUG become much more than just a fan site.

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