Original Xbox

Microsoft originally didn’t want to name its console the Xbox.

Naming things is hard. You wouldn’t think it, considering the fact that the very existence of language points to a lot of people picking words to represent things over the course of human history. That said, when you really think about the weight of deciding what something will be called for the duration of its existence, it can be a heavy choice. That in mind, recent reveals have given some incite into the naming of the Xbox.

According to Seamus Blackley, co-creator of the original Xbox, the naming process was something of a battle. While the launch team grew attached to the “xbox” moniker, which grew organically from its development, Microsoft felt the name wasn’t “legally sound” and requested a new one. “[We] got the phase two, or ‘car’ names. These were so bad we didn’t even save them,” said Blackley. “Then we got the ‘acronym’ phase from the naming geniuses.” Acronyms that can be found in the list below:

– MAX (Microsoft Action Experience)
– AIO (All In One)
– MIND (Microsoft Interactive Network Device)
– FACE (Full Action Center)
– MITH (Microsoft Interactive Theatre)
– XON (Experience Optimised Network)
– MVPC (Microsoft Virtual Play Center)
– TAC (Total Action Center – discs/games could be called TACs)
– MARC (Microsoft Action Reality Center)
– LEX (Live Entertainment Experience)
– M-PAC (Microsoft Play and Action Center)
– RPM (Real Performance Machine)
– MOX (Microsoft Optimal Experience)
– E2 (Extreme Experience)
– MTG (Microsoft Total Gaming)
– VIP (Virtual Interactive Player)
– PTP or P2P (Powered To Play)
– VIC (Virtual Interactive Center – disks/games could be called VICs)
– MARZ (Microsoft Active Reality Zone)
– TSO (Three, Six, Zero)
– EHQ (Entertainment Headquarters)
– O2 (Optimal Ozone or Optical Odyssey)
– MIC (Microsoft Interactive Center)
– R&R (Reality and Revolution)
– MEA (Microsoft Entertainment Activator)
– AMP (Active Microsoft Player)
– VPS (Virtual Play System)
– MAP (Microsoft Action Play)
– MEGA (Microsoft Entertainment & Gaming Attendant or Microsoft Entertainment & Gaming Assembly)
– CPG (CyberPlayGround)
– VERV (Virtual Entertainment & Reality Venture)
– OM (Odyssey of the Mind)
– P2 (PowerPlay)
– IS1 (Interactive System In One)
– MET (Microsoft Entertainment Technology or Microsoft Entertainment Theatre)

The naming battle peaked with the launch team eventually putting its foot down. “They wanted, for some unknowable reason, to call it ’11-X’ or ‘Eleven-X’,” said Blackley. “Finally, we told them no.” Despite the internal objections, Blackley and his team went with Xbox, something we can all be grateful for considering the competition.

Source: Edge Online

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