Rejoice, Wandering Vault Dweller! Fallout 4 Has “Great” Vita Controls


Want to play Fallout 4 anywhere without lugging a console around? Bethesda has Vita-specific Remote Play controls for you.

Sony’s PlayStation Vita wasn’t a huge success, but it has one thing I adore: Remote play functionality. This minor feature lets you access your PS4, whether online or over a local network, and play any game sitting in your disc drive or library. At least in theory – the lack of shoulder triggers and clickable analog sticks means some games don’t handle as well as Dualshock controllers. But Fallout fans are in luck! Fallout 4 will come bundled with Vita Remote Play controls, so you and Dogmeat can travel the Wasteland while away from home.

Fallout 4‘s Remote Play support will arrive courtesy of Josh Hamrick, the ex-Bungie designer responsible for Destiny‘s Vita controls. If you haven’t played Destiny on a Vita, simply know it’s far more manageable than you’d expect, making good use of touch controls and the D-Pad’s proximity to the analog stick. We don’t know if Hamrick made any changes for Fallout 4, but Bethesda is certainly paying attention, even posting about “great controls” on Twitter.

That’s certainly good news for any Fallout 4 fan who carries a Vita beside their Pip-Boy. If this sequel offers anything close to the joy of Fallout 3 or New Vegas, gamers will want to keep playing even where it’s inconvenient to bring a console along. And with Thanksgiving arriving shortly after Fallout 4‘s release date, I imagine Remote Play will be used extensively over the holidays.

Fallout 4 arrives on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and apparently the Vita on Nov. 10.

Source: GamesRadar

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