Relax in a Field With Ocarina of Time on Ocarina


Listen to these covers of the Ocarina of Time soundtrack and watch your cares melt away.

You’ve no doubt heard the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time soundtrack covered in a multitude of ways already, but I’m sorry, it’s time for one more. A man has performed his renditions of many of Ocarina of Time‘s memorable tracks on a replica of the Ocarina of Time itself, and it’s one of the greatest covers I’ve ever heard.

Sure, this type of thing has been done before, but there’s something different about this guy. Maybe it’s the air of mystery about him as he plays in the forest, sitting on stumps and standing in windy fields.

His video shows real world locales that relate to the songs as he plays. During Lon Lon Ranch, we see some grazing cows and a huge horse head. The Windmill song is accompanied by images of… windmills. It’s very relaxing.

It also doesn’t hurt that he really knows what he’s doing with that ocarina. Using harmonies and other techniques, he plays that thing even better than Link. Granted, Link only plays as well as you, and you probably just mess around when all Link wants to do is call his horse.

I have to go lie down in a field now.

Source: Destructoid

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