Due to popular demand, Relic is adding two-on-two maps to Dawn of War II in the upcoming 1.3.0 patch.

1 on 1 matches too close for comfort, but 3v3 a bit too crowded and chaotic? Relic has the solution for Dawn of War II players who are too antisocial to work in teams of threes but not confident enough to go stag and swing it themselves. With the release of the upcoming 1.3.0 patch, the game will feature a brand-new 2v2 mode that features its own specially designed maps.

“With two players you get a balance between the knife’s edge gameplay of 1v1 and the epic slug fests of 3v3,” they wrote. “Each map in Two-on-Two is custom built specifically to highlight particular aspects of this new game mode. You will need to work well both solo and with your partner in order to control the map and win the game.”

The mode features two maps: Medean Cliff Mines and Ruins of Argus. Cliff Mines starts with one team in the center of the map surrounded by four choke points and the other team out the desert beyond, leading to a precarious balance where “focusing too strongly on one side will surely lead to losing the other” and “controlling traffic through the center of the map is the key to victory.”

Ruins of Argus is a small map that’s only a bit larger than a 1v1 map, which means you’ll be running into your enemies on a non-stop basis. Resources and victory points are arranged symmetrically, while the geography encourages environmental destruction and flanking.

2v2 will be a separate mode that’ll support Ranked and Custom matches, TrueSkill matchmaking, leaderboards and stat tracking. The patch is scheduled for “early May,” so expect it in the very near future.


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