Relive Star Wars Galaxies With This Massive Memory Book


If you’re still working through the various stages of grief over Star Wars Galaxies, perhaps this memory book from SOE can help you move on to acceptance.
Now that Star Wars Galaxies has been cut down by The Old Republic‘s lightsaber, millions of voices cried out and were subsequently silenced. However, Sony Online Entertainment has one final gift for anyone who misses the game: A digital book that documents the MMO’s entire eight-year run.

The memory book was assembled by the game’s staff, and wow it’s beefy, containing a total of 253 pages, containing info and screenshots that showcases all eight years of the game. Basically, if you ever were curious about anything in the game, including planets, species, ships, cities, and the Galactic Civil War, it’s all here. Even the final moments of the game are covered.

The book is pretty impressive to look at, and will undoubtedly be appreciated by former players who want to remember their galaxy-spanning adventures. The best thing about it, though, is that the PDF file is available for free.

Source: Star Wars Galaxies via Massively

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