A proposed follow-up to APB: Reloaded features agility-based combat, modded custom servers, and a possible PS4 version stretch goal.

All Points Bulletin was one of those games that, on paper, sounded like a revolutionary MMO. Designed by Grant Theft Auto creator David Jones, it promised to rework GTA‘s sandbox into an online persistent world where players took on the role of a city’s Criminals and Enforcers. Unfortunately, the finished product couldn’t meet its high expectations, and servers were shut down mere months after release. The game managed to get a free-to-play re-release in APB: Reloaded, but Reloaded Productions thinks the concept can be expanded even further. The developer has taken a proposed sequel called APB: Vendetta to Kickstarter, hoping that John Woo-inspired combat will lure backers to its cause.

If successfully backed, APB Vendetta would be a buy-to-play MMO with agility-based combat as its core gameplay element. Inspired by Half-Life mods like The Specialists and Action Half-Life, Vendetta encourages players to keep moving and complete combo kills for higher point rewards. Prototype footage shows that characters can run on walls, slide under cars, and occasionally activate bullet time during combat. Character classes are designed across three dimensions, Speed, Health, and Agility, to allow a variety of special moves and playstyles.

Of course, MMOs can’t survive without a strong community, so Reloaded Productions intends to fully support Community Hubs. Outside of simply providing a venue for group interactions, players can also attach rental servers to hubs for public or private use. Servers can be flagged for “Tournament” or “Newbie” gameplay, while custom modifications can be implemented using external editors or a stretch goal supported interface. For players who prefer solo-play, Vendetta will also include a single-player campaign that can be completed entirely offline.

Audiences haven’t really been clamoring for a new APB entry, but these features certainly have potential. So far, Vendetta has earned a promising $12,000, but will need $300,000 for the core game alone. Increasingly expensive stretch goals include exported APB Reloaded custom content, advanced modding tools, and the ability to port Vendetta to platforms like the PS4. The Kickstarter runs until April 30th, so we’ve got about a month to see whether gamers are willing to give APB another chance.

Source: Kickstarter, via Eurogamer

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