Alan Wake developer, Remedy, is already working on an unannounced next-gen title.

“Currently, we are working with a relatively small team on a next-gen project,” Remedy’s head of franchise development, Oskari Häkkinen, told GamesIndustry International. “One question you always ask yourself in this phase is: can the upcoming consoles really be so much better compared to the current gen? I can rest assure you, they are. It’s a quantum leap.”

Remedy currently has a team of twenty working on an unannounced next-gen title, and is currently eying a larger office in its home turf of Espoo, Finland. Known mostly for its PC titles, including the first two installments of the Max Payne series, the developer is looking to branch out into mobile platforms. The company released a remake of its 1996 MS-DOS title, Death Rally, for Windows and iOS last year.

Death Rally was a title, which was kind of a test drive for us how games on iOS are working,” Häkkinen continued. “From a business perspective, it is pretty obvious that we should do a sequel, keeping the unexpected success of the title in mind. But we are a creative company. We want to create new topics and franchises. So we are still in discussion, what we will do next [on iOS and Android].”

While Remedy’s last new IP, Alan Wake is often, perhaps unfairly, labeled a commercial failure, it did end with a big juicy sequel hook. While the early days of a console’s lifespan are generally considered the best time to introduce a new IP, I personally wouldn’t turn down another chance to visit Bright Falls.

Source: GamesIndustry International

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