The release of this awesome-looking trailer for Alan Wake drives it home: Dudes, this game is actually coming out in a few weeks. Who would have guessed?

For a long time, Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake was only slightly behind Duke Nukem Forever in terms of being synonymous with “vaporware.” First announced at E3 2005, Alan Wake was initially supposed to be one of the big DirectX10 titles to help sell Windows Vista… but those plans ended up scrapped, with Remedy instead focusing on the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Against all odds, though, the game is actually coming out – next month, as a matter of fact. If the above trailer doesn’t get you excited (or at least intrigued) in Remedy’s psychological thriller, then… um, it should. So, that’s your fault or something. The game looks gorgeous, and hopefully plays as well as it looks.

Alan Wake is out on May 18th in North America and May 14th in Europe. Who’s going to get it?

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