Remember The Rise of Sega With This Quick History Lesson


Sega wasn’t always known as “the guys who make those Sonic games,” you know.

It’s hard to remember sometimes, but Sega wasn’t always a publisher on the ropes. Before there was three-way console war between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, there were only two big dogs in the console gaming fight: Sega and Nintendo. Though Sega has always been a “gaming” company, there was a time when they didn’t even make video games!

If this is news to you, or if you just want a quick look back at the events of a bygone era, the folks over at LORE have put together a very brief history of the Sega’s rise to prominence in the video game industry. You’ll see the company transition from slot machine purveyor to arcade cabinet maker to console manufacturer in under a minute right before your eyes.

The video is a true rarity: Closing with the commercial success of Sonic The Hedgehog, it may the only Sega retrospective we’ll ever see that ends on a positive note.

Source: LORE

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