Remote Kontrol Mario Kart


Fans of Nintendo’s Mario Kart series sculpted a real track to race their remote kontrol karts.

Who hasn’t spent a night playing one of the various Mario Kart games and then got into your real car wishing that you you could drop banana peels or shooting green shells at the morons on the road? While that kind of alternate reality is still yet to come, at least you can now drive a remote kontrol kart on a track straight out of the Mushroom Kingdom. Nintendo came out with remote kontrol toys that look like the karts used in the games, but Motsukora, a manga and “Japanese culture association” in Spain, went one step further by building an authentic track for Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi to race each other. The group exhibited the track at the Nihon Jaia! Japanese culture event in Bilbao, Spain this month.

Of course, the little toy karts are not that easy to control, and the big question mark boxes don’t really give you banana peels to drop, but it still looks like fun. The amount of work that Motsukora put into crafting the track is staggering, and I like how they added homages to tracks in the game like Bowser’s Castle and the Rainbow Road. I’m glad that they decided to use the early Rainbow Road versions that had barriers on the sides instead of the psychedelic Rainbow Road of Mario Kart Wii which often leaves me nauseous and/or flying off the road half the time.

We would have seen a lot more broken toys, in that case, as those little remote kontrol karts would have been bouncing on the concrete in no time.

Source: Tiny Cartridge

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