Report: Final Fantasy XII Remake Coming Out “Soon”

final fantasy XII

Final Fantasy composer Arnie Roth says that a FFXII remake is on the way.

Some potentially good news for Final Fantasy fans, it looks like 2006’s Final Fantasy XII may be in for the HD remake treatment. At a recent Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh, composer Arnie Roth let slip that that “there is a Final Fantasy XII remake underway,” adding that it would be coming out “soon.”

You can check out the anonymously submitted video of his announcement here (courtseouy of Final Fantasy network).

While Roth does state “remake”, which suggests the new project will be a full remake a-la Final Fantasy VII, what is more likely is that this is just a HD remake, as FFXII was released for the PlayStation 2, and it wouldn’t be too hard to bump up the graphics for current gen platforms.

Square Enix hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but given the fact that it recently pushed out HD remakes of Final Fantasy X and X-2, it seems fairly probable.

To add a little more credibility, Final Fantasy XII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto was at the event, which is what sparked the announcement in the first place.

Source: FF Network

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