The studio is also reportedly considering a re-release of all three Dark Souls games.

Dark Souls developer From Software has a build of Dark Souls 3 running on Nintendo Switch, according to sources who have spoken with Let’s Play Video Games. One source stated that the company has the game “running on the Nintendo Switch with a level of performance they are happy with.” While this doesn’t confirm a release on the platform – and no official statement has been made on the matter – From Software was listed as a company that has announced support for the Switch when the console was officially revealed in October.

It was also stated that discussions are reportedly in place to re-release the main three Dark Souls games, complete with DLC, on the Switch.

The source indicated that From Software is waiting to see the Switch’s initial sales before making a firm decision on the port, with the Dark Souls 3 Switch release expected to launch on the same day as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC DLC-bundled versions.

In other Dark Souls news, Dark Souls 3 producer Atsuo Yoshimura recently expressed an interest in bringing Dark Souls to VR.

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