Report: Heroes of The Storm to Use LoL‘s Free Champion Model

Heroes of the Storm

The report suggests that Blizzard’s Heroes of The Storm MOBA, will have a rotating suite of free champions, akin to League of Legends.

Heroes of The Storm, Blizzard’s competitor to the MOBA market which is largely dominated by League of Legends and DoTA 2 will be free-to-play. This we already knew. What we didn’t know, was the exact kind of free-to-play model it would use. Would it be like DoTA 2, where all champions are unlocked to use, and players can purchase cosmetic micro transactions, or like League of Legends, with a rotating suite of free champions that players can pay to unlock. Taiwanese website GNN News, claims it will be the later.

Diablo III‘s new game director Josh Mosquiera has been doing some press events in Korea as of late, and while, predictably, most of the talk has been surrounding Diablo III‘s upcoming expansion: Reaper of Souls, he has been letting some Heroes of The Storm information slip.

According to Blizzpro‘s translation of the GNN story, Mosquiera claimed that HoTS was indeed going with the rotating champion model, and that players who pre-ordered Reaper of Souls would get the Demon Hunter champion unlocked for free.

Blizzpro notes that this may simply be a translation error, but the fact that he specifically mentions that Reaper of Souls pre-order customers will get the champion unlocked, suggests that other champions will be “locked” at some point.

We’ve reached out to Blizzard for confirmation on the story.

What do you guys think? Would you rather Blizzard use LoL or DoTA‘s model? I’m not too fussed about it using the LoL model – so long as, like in LoL, there is a way to permanently unlock champions using the free in-game currency.

Source: GNN News (Chinese) via Blizzpro

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