Come May 21, Microsoft will finally offer prospective customers solid information on the upcoming successor to the Xbox 360.

At least, that’s the word according to The Verge – and more specifically, to noted Windows expert Paul Thurrott. Thurrott, who has long been a major figure in tech news (particularly news relating to Microsoft), recently revealed that the firm would be moving the Xbox event it had planned for late April to May 21.

Digging deeper, The Verge tapped anonymous sources who claim that the event will be held at a small venue (likely open only to select members of the press and possibly special guests) and will focus solely on spreading word of the next console’s technical capabilities and what the company has planned for the machine.

Further, The Verge claims that Microsoft will then hold a larger event at this summer’s E3 conference in which it will properly debut the system to a large (well, “larger” anyway) audience.

While we’re couching our terms here with clear designations of where they came from, know that we’re just performing due diligence. We have no reason to believe that either Thurrott or The Verge is mistaken, and everything they came up with squares with what we know about the next Microsoft console.

Now that we more or less have a date on which all of the mysteries of the Xbox 361 will be revealed, that only leaves us about a month and a half in which to speculate on the technological wonders Microsoft has in store. 4K resolution? Headset-free virtual reality? Sexy anthropomorphisms of both genders to cater equally to whatever a user’s filthy kinks might be? Hit the comments and see if you can add anything less likely.

Source: The Verge

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