Report: New Vegas Patch Just Makes Things Worse


A patch for Fallout: New Vegas to prepare the game for the “Honest Hearts” DLC has reportedly broken it for Xbox 360 owners.

Earlier this week, we learned that Obsidian and Bethesda were releasing patch 1.3 for Fallout: New Vegas (oddly enough known as patch 1.5 for the PS3 version) to lead into the upcoming Honest Hearts DLC. Beyond setting up the world for the DLC, patch 1.3 was also meant to rebalance the game’s guns and add stability and optimization improvements to the infamously buggy game.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have done that. According to posts on the official New Vegas forum, some Xbox 360 owners are reporting that since the patch, Fallout won’t load their saved games. Others are reporting regular and frequent system crashes.

“Great, get the day off, settled down in front of the Xbox to play New Vegas and guess what, it freezes. Thanks Bethesda!” wrote a user named Blackivar. “As with everyone else, the new update has wrecked my game, got the warning about losing content and now it won’t load up my past saves – well that was time well spent (assuming you can argue playing games even is time well spent).”

Bethesda acknowledged the game issues on its Twitter feed: “We’re aware some folks are having New Vegas save issues. We’re working with Microsoft on this and should have more information soon.”

I really do feel for gamers who bought a product that doesn’t work as it’s supposed to, but on some level I can’t help but find it funny in its absurdity at this point. Even when Obsidian tries to fix the game, it breaks it.

(Via Eurogamer)

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