Report: Nintendo Planning to Double Switch Production


Nintendo may be planning to double its manufacturing plans to keep up with demand for the Switch.

If you wanted to pick up a Nintendo Switch but couldn’t find one anywhere in stock, Nintendo may be trying to address that issue for you. Hot on the heels of reports that Nintendo sold 1.5 million Switch consoles in its first week comes a report that the company is looking to double its planned production.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is planning to change its manufacturing plans for the April 2017 – March 2018 fiscal year. It had originally planned to produce 8 million Switch units, but according to “people briefed on the plans,” the company will now aim for 16 million. Obviously, this change is coming because demand looks to be higher than expected. The WSJ article cites sources that say Nintendo believes the Switch could move over 10 million in the next fiscal year.

Nintendo has seen a positive move on the stock market of late, with its share price rising over 13 percent in the last month. That’s a marked difference from the six percent drop it saw after the Switch was announced.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for a comment on this story, and will update if and when we receive a response.

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