Rumor has it that the Nintendo Switch will be missing many multimedia apps at launch, including Netflix.

If you’ve been hoping that you could use your Nintendo Switch for both gaming and catching up on your Netflix watching when it launches in March, you may be a bit disappointed. According to a report from Business Insider, the Nintendo Switch “won’t have many multimedia functions at launch.”

The article credits that information to Nintendo’s Kit Ellis. The piece also says “Don’t plan to watch Netflix on the Switch, for instance.” Nintendo may plan to add that functionality post-launch, but it sounds like you’ll have to use some other device to finish catching up on your favorite shows, at least at launch.

It’s worth mentioning that Netflix and other services do not rate a mention anywhere on the official Nintendo Switch site. There’s also the matter of the paid online service that will launch later this year. Could Nintendo require that you subscribe in order to use apps like Netflix? It’s certainly possible, as Microsoft has done the same in the past. The 3DS and the Wii U both have their own Netflix apps, but we’ll have to wait and see if the Switch joins them in that regard.

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