Conflicting reports have emerged about an accessory that would bump the Xbox 360’s hard drive space to 100 GB. But Microsoft seems to have put the rumor to bed.

Destructoid reported last week that Microsoft had used X06: Korea to announce the addition, using an image from a Korean game site as substantiation.

Kotaku refuted the story, citing Boris Schneider-Johne, who they described as a German version of Xbox spokesperson Major Nelson. Schneider-Johne said that the image was digitally altered, prompting the originator of the story to defend their image.

But Microsoft had the final word on the matter, and the truth is apparently somewhere in between Schneider-Johne and Destructoid’s accounts. The company told 1up that while the hard drive may have been presented, it’s not actually happening.

“The reference to a 100 GB hard drive in a recent presentation in Korea has been misleading and in fact we have no plans to bring a 100GB hard drive to the market,” the company is quoted as saying. “We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”

The representative does not comment on how the mix-up occurred.

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