Reset Generation Hits Macs, Kongregate


Gaming-reference-filled puzzle-strategy game Reset Generation now supports Macs and has made its debut on social gaming site Kongregate, its developers announced today.

RedLynx’s Reset Generation had humble beginnings on mobile platforms, but now it’s pretty much available to play on everything you could possibly imagine: Windows-supported devices, Nokia’s N-Gage, Windows PCs, online via browsers, and now Macs as well.

The title stars a cast of characters culled from videogame history – the heroic Plumber, the extreme Hedgehog, a Bomberman clone, a “Level 50 Elf” which is basically a Blood Elf from Warcraft, and other archetypes like the Ninja and Sci-Fi Knight. These characters battle it out in combat that’s like a cross between Tetris and a light strategy-RPG. The action’s filled to the brim with gaming culture in-jokes and references – this game’s not called Reset Generation just because it sounds kinda cool.

So if you want to try Reset Generation, it shouldn’t be very hard to do. You don’t even need a fancy phone anymore. The game’s playable for free in your browser at the official site, as well as at Kongregate, the popular socially-oriented gaming site.

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