resident evil 3 remake additions

The PlayStation.Blog has revealed a number of new gameplay details and additions for the Resident Evil 3 remake. Much like with the Resident Evil 2 remake that released last year, Capcom is modernizing the experience and expanding. The remake features drastically larger areas and sequences that give Raccoon City more character than ever before. New and refreshed locales include an expanded subway station, a vast sewer system, and a donut shop.

As far as gameplay tweaks go, protagonist Jill Valentine has a new evade move that is used by hitting the right bumper and the left stick at the same time. This is easier to pull off than the dodging found in the original PlayStation title. Other Resident Evil 3 remake changes include a Perfect Dodge maneuver that will enable players to avoid harm by pressing X at the right moment, as well as Jill’s knife not degrading like blades in the RE2 remake. Beyond that, the game will feature yellow padlocks filled with supplies hidden in areas, and ammo crafting will return.

Among the most exciting¬†Resident Evil 3 remake additions are the changes made to Nemesis, the hulking bioweapon that stalks the player throughout the game. Thanks to his enhanced artificial intelligence, Nemesis is more of an issue to deal with than ever before. Players will want to use environmental hazards and weapon mods, such as a laser-dot sight and extended magazine, if they find themselves in a combat situation with Nemesis. When temporarily defeated, he’ll drop supply cases filled with weapon upgrades and high-powered ammo, so there’s a good incentive to take him on from time to time.

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