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Resident Evil 3 Guide: All Puzzle Solutions, Safe Codes, Lock Combos

Resident Evil 3 guide all puzzle solutions safe codes locations

Find yourself running out of supplies in the middle of a deadly viral epidemic? We’ve all been there. Luckily, some very useful items can be very handily reached with some brainwork and perseverance. In Resident Evil 3, you’ll find various safes and lockers with very useful goodies contained inside, and this guide will give you all the solutions you need for them. We’ll tell you how to find the codes in-game, followed by the full codes themselves if you want to cut straight to the chase. Also included are solutions to the few puzzles you can find in Resident Evil 3.

Aqua Cure safe

This safe can be found in the storage building up the walkway to the east of Moon’s Donuts and contains a Dot Sight (Handgun). A memo next to the safe tells you where to find the code. You can find the code in Redstone Pharmacy across the road, next to Kite Bros Railway. It’s on a big Aqua Cure poster at the back.

The safe code:

9 clockwise, 3 anti-clockwise, 7 clockwise

Clock Tower Commemoration puzzle

You find this in the Subway Station save room. Just find the three fancy boxes, examine them for the red, green, and blue gems, and use them on the memorial to unlock the goodies. The first gem gives you a grenade. The second gem unlocks the Tactical Stock (Shotgun) weapon mod. The final gem nets you a sweet Hip Pouch.

Resident Evil 3 guide all puzzle solutions safe codes locations locker lock combinations

Here are the gem locations:

  • Red Gem – Moon Donuts safe room
  • Blue Gem – Supermarket across from Toy Uncle. Requires Bolt Cutters
  • Green Gem – Toy Uncle. Requires Lockpick

Kite Bros Railway puzzle

The aim is to get a clear track from Redstone to Fox Park. There is a map attached to the machinery that tells you exactly which routes are blocked, but you have to decipher the code used yourself. The left column is the station code, while the right column is the track number, counting from the top. The final result you want looks like this:

RE 01

FA 02

RA 03

SA 02

FO 01


All the codes in RPD are identical to those in Resident Evil 2 2019, so if you’re familiar, you’re way ahead. But don’t fret – the codes are all written down in Resident Evil 3 too.

First up is the West Office (1F) safe. Inside is a Hip Pouch. The code can be found in a file in the darkroom.

The lock code:

9 anti-clockwise, 15 clockwise, 7 anti-clockwise

Next up is a locker in the change rooms, holding a flash grenade. The code is on a whiteboard in the connecting room next to operations.

The lock code:


Finally, there is a locker on the third floor, near the Safety Deposit key. It contains 20 AR ammo. You find the code on a photo in the Safety Deposit room.

The lock code:


Nurse’s Station safe

This safe is located in the Nurse’s Station on the second floor of the Hospital. It can only be opened as Carlos. It contains a Dual Magazine (Assault Rifle). The code for this one can be found on a memo in the keycard-locked operating room right near Bard’s office.

The safe code:

9 clockwise, 3 anti-clockwise

Resident Evil 3 guide all puzzle solutions safe codes locations locker lock combinations

Vaccine synthesis

The aim of this puzzle is to have all columns in the green 50 middle section. Manipulating the buttons between “mid,” “high,” and “low” adjusts all columns, meaning you have to set the three buttons below to certain measurements to ensure that all columns are even.

The puzzle solution:

MID     HIGH     LOW

That’s every safe combination, locker code, and puzzle solution in Resident Evil 3!

If you need more help in this virulent time, Escapist has you covered:

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