Resident Evil 4 Comes to iPhone

Capcom accidentally leaked what appears to be an iPhone version of Resident Evil 4 to the Japanese App Store before taking it down. Not before a few Japanese gamers got their hands on the game, however.

Now here’s an iPhone port of a classic game that I can get behind. Resident Evil 4, Capcom’s classic action-shooter that rebooted the survival horror franchise and basically invented the over-the-shoulder camera that’s in pretty much every other shooter nowadays, is coming to the iPhone.

Obviously it’s not the same game, but the visuals seem pretty solid, and the basic stop-and-shoot flow of the gameplay seems intact. You control Leon with a virtual joystick on the bottom left of the screen and shoot by tapping an icon on the right – similar to a lot of iPhone games nowadays. I’ve never been a fan of this control style, but based on the footage of the game being played, it seems like it works serviceably – you can get in headshots and enemies will grab their faces in pain, just like the real game.

Since everyone who’s had their hands on this game has been in Japan (the game went up on the App Store and then was taken down), information is pretty light. It certainly isn’t an on-rails shooter like every other iPhone version of a classic franchise that involves shooting things, that much is at least clear, but there’s no way it can be a full adaptation of the original game, obviously. Honestly if they just made it an arena shooter, or, even better, a mobile version of Mercenaries, I’d be happy.

[Via Destructoid]
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