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Make Sure You Unlock the Secret Weapon & Difficulty in the Resident Evil 4 Demo

The Resident Evil 4 remake Chainsaw Demo has a couple awesome secrets: a hidden weapon called the TMP and a secret hard difficulty setting.

While many Resident Evil fans have been enjoying the recently released Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo, many players have yet to uncover the demo’s pretty impressive secret weapon, the TMP, or unlock the demo’s secret difficulty option, “Mad Chainsaw Mode.” If you haven’t heard about either one, then here’s your quick PSA about how to unlock them.

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In order to uncover the TMP secret weapon in the Resident Evil 4 demo, players will need to jump through a few hoops once they reach the first Ganado found in a basement. Once you’ve taken them out, you will need to open up your inventory and discard anything and everything you are carrying. From here, head directly to the village without grabbing any additional items on the way.

Once you get into town, trek towards the well near the cow and climb down, where you will discover a blue chest housing the TMP, along with some ammo in one of the barrels nearby. Once players have found it, they can enjoy their new secret weapon firepower through the rest of the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo.

For players looking to unlock the demo’s secret difficulty, the Mad Chainsaw Mode difficulty can actually appear at random, but there is a manual way to unlock the difficulty. With “Main Story” highlighted, PlayStation players will need to hold L1 and R1, while also pressing the code up, left, down, right, square, triangle, circle, X, X. For Xbox Series players, they will need to hold down LB and RB, while also pressing the code up, left, right, X, Y, B, A, A. On PC, you apparently hold DEL, then press 8 1 0 8 3 1 0 R E 4 Enter Enter. This should give players immediate access to the hidden difficulty, which increases enemy health and damage, in addition to making enemies more aggressive.

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