Look down, now look back up. You’re on a volcano, with the man your man could kill like.

It’s no secret that we here at The Escapist love the Old Spice Guy commercials. A bunch of us love Resident Evil, too – which is why this video makes us laugh so much.

It’s Resident Evil‘s Albert Wesker doing his own take on the Old Spice commercials, only instead of espousing the benefits of manly (yet refreshing) deodorant, he’s trying to convince all of us to inject our bodies with the Uroboros strain. Oh sure Wesker, it might give us godlike powers, but it doesn’t give us anything to protect us from rocket launcher strikes, does it?

The best part of this video is that it actually features the voice of D.C. Douglas, Wesker’s real-life voice actor. So yeah, that’s actually Wesker giving the spiel. It’s pretty effective, in a way.

The video itself is a little over a month old, but it’s just now making the rounds here – and I certainly hadn’t seen it, which means it’s still news to us!

(via Capcom Unity)

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