Insomniac brought its first gameplay footage of Resistance 3 to the Spike TV VGAs.

A new trailer for Insomniac’s Resistance 3 was revealed at the 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards, showing gameplay for the very first time. Those accursed Chimera just can’t be stopped.

Don’t get confused, many parts of the trailer use live-action footage, like much of Insomniac’s promotions for Resistance 3 to date. Insomniac didn’t get that good at CGI. It makes an attempt at mixing scenes between both techniques, but it’s quite obvious which scenes are which, not to say that Resistance 3 doesn’t look great.

The landscape in Resistance 3 is as bleak as ever, but the series’ previous hero Nathan Hale isn’t around to save everybody this time. Resistance 3 stars Joseph Capelli in the hero’s role as he hides out from the Chimera in Haven, Oklahoma. However, he makes the trek to New York City when given an opportunity to deal a killing blow to the parasitic species.

He evidently makes part of that trek on a boat, which is not as fun in the Resistance universe as it is in the real world. The Chimera still has a strong presence in the world, and is composed of various factions no less, so Capelli will have to use any of the game’s upgradable weapons at his disposal in his mission to bring them down.

Resistance 3 will add two-player co-op to the game’s campaign in both online and offline split-screen modes. Insomniac says it’s planning a “progression-based” multiplayer mode too, so series fans have a lot to look forward to when Resistance 3 comes out on September 6, 2011.

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