A new video showcasing Resistance 3’s Australian map is less about koalas and more about heavy weapons and head shots.

Called Alice Springs, this environment takes players to a brown, cracked, war-torn outback to, well, continue the war.

Previously unveiled maps will have players globetrotting to such locales as Columbia, the UK, and the Republic of Chad in Africa. Alice Springs is the first to bring the fight to the land of kangaroos, vegemite, and Yahtzee.

The reveal footage suggests Alice Springs will be geared toward close- to mid-range combat. Dirty, desolate streets and dusty lots littered with gutted vehicles seem to be the lay of the land. Quick movement and the ability to improvise cover will likely be key.

Like all of the other announced maps, Alice Springs will support 16 players.

Though the single-player campaign sees Joseph Capelli traveling from Oklahoma to New York City, James Stevenson, senior community manager at Insomniac Games, noted Australia has always had an important place in Resistance lore – having served as a refugee camp even as the Chimera dominated most of the globe.

Resistance 3 is set to launch on September 6 only for the PlayStation 3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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