Respawn: Titanfall 6v6 Criticism Comes From Assumptions

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Designer Justin Hendry asks for players to put assumptions of Titanfall based on the gameplay of other shooters aside.

Respawn Entertainment is confident it’s hit a sweet spot of balance and fun with Titanfall‘s six-versus-six maximum count despite critics’ fears. Titanfall Justin Hendry believes people butting heads with the player limit are approaching the game with assumptions based on other games.

“I think when people get the chance to play they’ll hopefully understand,” Hendry said. “People have a certain amount of apprehension based on the games they’re playing right now and that they’ve been playing. I don’t blame them for having that outlook, and saying that they’re going to be bored – they’re assuming things based on what they’ve played, and I understand why people do that.”

Hendry has said in the past, “the higher the player count, the more uncomfortable the game gets.” Mobility is key in Titanfall, and with too many players that can get bogged down. Respawn is confident that six-versus-six is the most fun for this game. Even with 12 people in a match, there are plenty of things happening. Players can get out of their Titans and let it operate on its own, creating a situation where 12 pilots and 12 Titans could be fighting in addition to the dozens of AI.

“I think anybody watching a game has expectations for what that game should be, and when what they hear doesn’t meet a preconceived notion or perception of what that game should be, they might react against it,” Hendry said. “So regardless of how much hype there is behind the game, or whether it’s exclusive, if [there’s excitement] for something, you’re going to get that reaction.”

Source: OXM

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