Resubscribe to Warhammer, Get Shiny Things


Mythic is trying to lure back ex-Warhammer Online subscribers with a new program that offers incentives like ten free days of play, exclusive quest chains, and more.

Having just launched the “Call to Arms” live expansion with its two brand-new classes (the Dwarf Slayer and Ork Choppa), Mythic Entertainment thinks it’s the perfect time for lapsed WAR players to rejoin the fold. Only problem is convincing them, right? Mythic’s hoping its new “Call to Arms Re-Enlistment Program” might offer enough to get players who just didn’t like WAR or moved on to that other MMOG-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named to jump back into the fray.

“There is no better time to enlist, for your strength is needed!” the Warhammer Online site declares. “Rise now, and bear the banners of war. To arms, and to glory!”

No soldier who calls himself a man of war is willing to bear any banners without a little bit of compensation, though. To that end, Mythic is offering, among other things, what MMOG players want more than anything else in a virtual world: loot. “Besides getting 10 free days starting when you reactivate your account, you’ll also get all the rested experience for the time you’ve been gone, and a unique quest chain with bonus reward items!” the site says.

Don’t take this to necessarily mean the death knells for WAR. Coming on the heels of the announcement of the game’s servers merging and a reported major drop in subscribers, this promotion may smack of desperation. But don’t forget, most MMOGs have programs like this, World of Warcraft included. So, ex-WAR players, will this be enough to get you back in the game, or have you completely moved on?

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