Retailers Accidentally Leak Call of Duty: Ghosts


A hastily removed Tesco advertisement may have revealed Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare prequel.

Annual Call of Duty releases have become something of a gaming tradition, and the first sign they’re coming is usually an accidental leak. This year is no exception: UK retailer Tesco recently posted an advertisement for Call of Duty: Ghosts, only to quickly snatch it down once the news spread like wildfire. If the box art can be believed, Ghosts is the latest entry by series creator Infinity Ward, and features the return of Modern Warfare 2‘s Ghost as a protagonist. Almost immediately afterwards, a second ad from Target was discovered giving Ghosts a launch date of November 5, 2013.

Since this advertisement has “unofficial leak” written all over it, anything that can be said about the game is speculation. The game will presumably be a Modern Warfare prequel, considering that the last time we saw Ghost, he was dead and on fire. If that’s the case, then the Ghosts of the title could include any of Modern Warfare‘s deceased protagonists. Alternatively, Infinity Ward could adopt the Black Ops 2 formula of telling a story across multiple time periods. Then again, I could say Ghosts is about Captain Price’s battle against time-traveling ghost Nazis, and my speculation would remain precisely that. What can be safely said, considering that Tesco had an advertisement at all, is that Activision has an official announcement to reveal in the immediate future.

Still, maybe we should be skeptical. After all, this would be the first Call of Duty box art in half a decade depicting a soldier completely turned away from the camera. Clearly, this must be fake.

Source: IGN

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