Retro Fable Seeks to Add What Molyneux Missed


A fan’s “demake” of Fable promises to incorporate features once promised, but never implemented.

Peter Molyneux is known for getting overly excited about upcoming projects, namely Fable, and promising certain features that are never delivered in the final product. RoflGames is currently developing a tribute to Fable, in retro 2D no less, that hopes to give players some of what they feel they’ve been missing.

RoflGames’ Jo announced the demake (a remake that uses a retro style) this month and calls it Fableous. Jo says: “What I’ve seen the [Fable] games do, compared to what has been promised (in the past), has always left a wealthy amount of players dissapointed.” He hopes to add features like “real-time vegetation” and “weapon pickups” that were once forgotten, and add them to the gameplay mechanics seen in Fable like crumb trails, body morphing, and moral choices.

The idea is to let players of Fableous do what they want but still face the consequences. Despite Fableous‘s old-school style, Jo feels it’s the concept behind a game that matters, not the graphics.

Jo recently showed off this video of Fableous‘s fishing mechanic, which aims to be deeper than Fable‘s. Fishermen control their rod and reel strength in Fableous, and once they catch a fish it can be sold off in a player’s very own merchant stall. Plus, fishing in Fableous just looks charming as hell.

Updates on the project can be followed here to see what RoflGames eventually puts together. I’m just wondering what happens if Jo promises to incorporate a bunch of features once promised but undelivered by Molyneux, but then doesn’t deliver them himself. Fable fans may not be able to bear it.

Source: RoflGames

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