Retro-Style Katamari Rolls Into Some Old Games


YouTube user MajorNeese shows us what might have happened if The Prince was ordered to go pick up some games.

The King of All Cosmos is a peculiar fellow. You never know if he’ll want a ball made of home appliances, stars, or in this case, pixel sprites from retro games.

And when I say retro, I mean retro. The Prince pushes his ever-growing ball of stuff through the likes of Pac-Man, Adventure, and Marble Madness all the while collecting bits of each world to feed the insatiable desire of the King of All Cosmos.

I don’t think I’ve witnessed many things as strange and disconcerting as a pixelated Katamari defeating Dr. Wily, and I thought it was the strangest thing this video had to offer.

And I was right; at least I thought I was, until I decided it would be funny to hit the 1911 button and further retro-ify the video. Then the things started getting recursive and meta and I got even more confused.

Honestly, what I take away from this video is that the King of All Cosmos is even more terrifying in 8-bit.

Source: Boing Boing

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