A collector paid $96,000 for Leia’s metal bikini during a recent auction.

Star Wars is a franchise that’s nothing if not rife with iconic characters, locations and imagery. And while most every fan has their personal favorite, there are a few visuals from the franchise that stand perhaps a bit taller than others. For instance, when many think of Return of the Jedi, the first thing that comes to mind is Carrie Fisher wearing her Slave Leia outfit.

It should serve as little surprise, in turn, that the metal bikini at the center of the outfit would be something of a draw for collectors. Featured recently in an online Profiles of History auction, the bikini, which includes the outfit’s collar, several chain links and a letter of authenticity signed by Industrial Light and Magic designer Richard Miller, was sold to a currently unnamed bidder for a sum of 96,000 dollars. Alongside it, another Star Wars item, a miniature of Leia’s Blockade Runner used to film the opening of A New Hope was also sold during the auction for a whopping 450,000 dollars, more than twice the opening bid of 200,000 dollars.

That these items would go for such lofty amounts doesn’t leave us even the slightest bit surprised. After all, Star Wars collectors have, on other occasions, demonstrated their willingness to pay big bucks for rare collectibles. Considering the uniqueness of these props, we’re honestly more shocked that the final bids weren’t even larger.

Source: CNN

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