Have you been looking for a way to contribute to The Escapist, but the editorial calendar has either been full or hasn’t struck a chord? Looking for a way to break into gaming journalism (and get some free games, to boot)? Look no further than The Escapist‘s reviews!

We’re looking for new writers to review the growing stable of games that find their way to Team Humidor HQ. The games range from hand-held to next-gen console to PC, and they’re really beginning to clutter up my desk. Please help before the mountain crumbles and takes me with it.

What we need from you:

  • An email to (cut – we’re no longer accepting new applications, but thanks for your interest!) with your geographic location, the consoles you own and number of games per month you can commit to reviewing.
  • Your favorite and least favorite game – and why. Please don’t write a book here; bonus points for brevity!
  • Links to writing samples if applicable.
  • A mention of any other writing experience.

Special note: At this time, your only compensation will be the game we send to review and a sneak peek at our editorial process, just in case you’re interested in contributing any more to the mag.
Second special note: Typical to our editorial style, reviews won’t be the typical “graphics/sound/gameplay/overall” variety. They’ll demand more thought and insight from you, which is a good thing!
Third special note: Pirates are way better than ninjas.

If we’re interested, we’ll get back to you sometime in the next week or two with more information.

Special addendum: Please do not submit an application twice. Trust me, we got your email.

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