Revived EGM Will Be More Than a Magazine


When Electronic Gaming Monthly comes back from the realms of the print media dead, it’ll be more than a magazine – it’ll be a full-on multimedia experience.

Electronic Gaming Monthly may have gone to the grave as a print magazine, but when it completes its reanimation courtesy of original owner Steve Harris, it’ll be much more than it used to be. “First and foremost, we’re planning to incorporate digital content within the magazine,” Harris said. “This includes professionally-produced video, audio and other types of content.”

This would be Harris’ solution to the problem that words on paper just aren’t good enough anymore. That’s one problem facing magazines these days – another is the fact that nobody wants to carry around magazines when they have devices like iPhones or Kindles. That’s not an issue for EGM, though, as Harris sees it.

“We benefit not only from the technology but from the consumer’s willingness to use it,” Harris said. “The new Electronic Gaming Monthly will let you take your magazine and its content from print to computer to wireless devices — even to your television — as well as enable subscribers and single-copy purchasers to enhance that experience every step of the way.”

Guess the new EGM will be more than reading during toilet time. You can play games when you’re in your living room, on the subway, or on the john. Why shouldn’t the same be true for your game magazines?

[Via BitMob]

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