Britannia Manor II, the amazing, palatial home of Richard Garriott, is up for sale.

You’ve probably heard of Britannia Manor, the sprawling home of Richard Garriott, AKA Lord British, famous for its observatory, secret passages and of course some seriously over-the-top haunted house events on Halloween. And if you’re any kind of normally-functioning nerd, you’ve also thought about how totally freakin’ awesome it would be to have a pad like that of your very own. Well now you can – if you’ve got the bucks for it.

Garriott’s put his famous mansion up for sale for a whopping $4.1 million, a tad more than the average first-timer’s mortgage. Not that you won’t get some serious house for your money; Chez Richard features three bedrooms, two full and three half baths, central air, built-in oven, dishwasher, microwave, sub-zero refrigerator, energy-efficient double-pane windows and a solar-based “off-the-grid” energy system.
And then of course there’s the pool, the secret grotto, the waterfall, the full-on 360-degree observatory with telescope, separate guest quarters, a detached studio, an air conditioned barn, a five-car garage and a damn fine view. And secret passages! Come on, who doesn’t love secret passages?

Alas, I couldn’t even afford the taxes on this place, which run nearly $60,000 a year all on their own. That’s not what chased Garriott off the property, however; he’s currently hard at work on Britannia Manor III.

Source: Re/Max, via GamePolitics

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