Rick And Morty Season 3 Sneak Peek is Freaking Awesome

Adult Swim Australia gives us an exclusive sneak peek at the very first scene of Rick and Morty Season 3.

Before you read any further, it’s imperative that you check out the video to the right, posted on the official Adult Swim Australia YouTube channel. It contains an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming third season of Rick and Morty.

Done? Sorry about that. Adult Swim, proving that they are the king of trolls once again, posted the epic R&M-themed Rick Roll in the guise of the season 3 content fans are desperately waiting for.

This isn’t the first time these guys have pulled a stunt like this: the 9th episode of season one was debuted via 109 seperate Instagram videos.

If you’re wondering where season 3 actually is, the last we heard it had been delayed due to arguments between the creators. So it will probably be released sometime later this year, decade, or century.

Source: Adult Swim

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