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Rick and Morty Sets Season Seven Release Date But Still Hasn’t Announced Voice Actors


Of all the shows that were sent dealing by fallout from Justin Roiland’s now-dropped kidnapping charges and the exposes about his horrible office behavior that followed Rick and Morty was hit the hardest. The series, which truly put Roiland on the map, was basically voiced by him and they still haven’t announced who will be replacing him. However, that doesn’t mean the series isn’t still on track, as Adult Swim announced today that the seventh season will drop on October 15.

The show will be carrying on without a hitch as the storyline about Rick getting revenge on Rick Prime continues to unfold, a bit of plotting that’s been building since season three. For those worried that something will be missing with Roiland gone it really shouldn’t. Reports that came out around the time of his removal from the show said that he had almost no input on the writing anymore and was basically just showing up to voice the characters. It’s not clear how they’ll handle the voice acting change but the showrunners have already said the characters will sound the same so it won’t be akin to how Solar Opposites blatantly pointed out the switch to Dan Stevens.

The seventh season won’t just be about Rick’s quest for revenge but is also promising a season fully loaded with Smith family antics that include an evil Summer, a Jerry-focussed tale, and a possible return to high school, which is a place we haven’t seen the Smith children at in a long while. Of course, there’s sure to be some meta storyline running through the entire thing as well, picking up on some tiny thread made multiple seasons previously. Maybe they can even show Disney how getting a sauce trending is done again.

Rick and Morty Season 7 premieres at 11 p.m. ET/PT on Adult Swim on October 15. Those of us who stream the show will have to wait a bit longer for the entire season to land on Max in 2024.


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