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You’ll Be Able to Put Loki’s Sauce in Your Mouth at McDonald’s

Our first Loki season 2 trailer on Disney+ is here, revealing cast members like Ke Huy Quan, time-travel antics, and very little Jonathan Majors.
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Remember when Rick and Morty brought back McDonald’s Szechuan sauce thanks to a joke/meme getting a bit too out of control and it was pretty cool to kind of see something explode into reality through grassroots Internet absurdity? Well, Dinsey remembers, and they think they can pull it off too just without all that pesky grassroots stuff and waiting around for something to become a meme. As such, they’re working with McDonald’s to release a Loki Sauce as part of the second season of Loki‘s second season landing in Ocotober.

We’ve known that McDonald’s would play somewhat of a role in the second season since the first trailer dropped and we got a peak and Lady Loki in a vintage McDonald’s uniform, however, yesterday the fast food chain released a teaser trailer about their involvement and then today a TikTok went up featuring a McDonald’s employee showing off the new Loki Sauce.


new sauce alert. try the new Loki sweet and sour sauce at mcdonalds. it’s for our new meals in August in honor of loki. #loki #lokiseries #marvelstudios #marvel #mcdonalds #augustmeal #manager #fypシ #fypage

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As you can see — and maybe even taste if you find a McDonald’s serving it already — the new sauce is labeled “The Sweet n’ Sour Sauce as Featured in Loki.” There’s two options for this sauce then. The first is that it’s a new sauce that is both sweet and sour but is not the same as McDonald’s actual Sweet N’ Sour sauce that is already available. The second is that this is just that Sweet n’ Sour sauce but with a green label that says Loki on it. It’s not entirely clear from the video, though the poster does say it’s new and speaks like she’s never had it before.

There may be another hint out there, though. McDonald’s shared a Tweet tying the Loki Sauce into a broader campaign called the “As Featured In Meal” in which it appears you’ll be able to get food from McDonald’s that’s been featured in popular films, songs and shows over the years. The list, which could be even longer, is pretty huge and includes The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, “You Be Illin” by Run DMC, Friends, and even foreign films like Chak De! India. Basically, Mickey D’s wants you to remember that they’re cool too, and they’ve been part of popular culture so you should eat their food because of it. Given that, the sauce and the rest of the food from these films is probably just rebranded not new.

Just how this all ties into season 2 of Loki isn’t too clear, though it could have something to do with Loki jumping through different timelines and realities thanks to the antics of Kang. Maybe the premise is that each one of these “As Featured In” foods is from a reality where that show/song/series was real? Whatever, the reason, look for re-branded foods in your local McDonald’s so you can eat the same thing but know that this time it was featured in Clueless.

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