Rick And Morty‘s Latest Episode Debuts Via 109 Instagram Videos

rick and morty troll

Rick and Morty episode eight was premiered through a whopping 109, 15-second Instagram videos.

First up, if you’re not watching Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty, shame on you. If you are, you’ve no doubt been hooked and are desperately waiting for even a morsel of new content from the show. Adult Swim, eager to fulfill that want, have delivered, premiering the latest episode of the show a full day in advance (and completely free). The catch? It was premiered via Instagram, and as the maximum video length allowed on the service is 15 seconds, the 22-minute episode had to be split into 109 separate videos.

To further complete the troll, Adult Swim uploaded the clips in reverse, meaning viewers had to wait until the entire set was uploaded to watch the episode. “It’s our latest frustrating exercise in audience engagement,” it said on its here.

The show follows the adventures of Rick, a drunk super-scientist, and Morty, his incredibly naive grandson, as they travel through dimensions and get into trouble. Its seriously one of the best new TV shows I have seen in a long, long time.

Source: Instagram via The Verge

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