Rift Account Database Hacked


Trion Worlds doesn’t believe credit card information was stolen.

The plague of hacks continue for videogame companies. First it was Sony’s PlayStation network, then Valve’s Steam service, and even Square-Enix. This time, Trion Worlds reported that the account database for its MMO Rifts was broken into by “unauthorized intruders”. Luckily, the announcement says that no credit card information was stored there, but you will need to update your password the next time you log into Rifts.

“We recently discovered that unauthorized intruders gained access to a Trion Worlds account database,” the announcement read. “There is no evidence, and we have no reason to believe, that full credit card information was accessed or compromised in any way. We have already taken further action to strengthen our systems, even as we, with external security experts, continue to research the extent of the unauthorized access.” The emphasis is Trion World’s.

While credit card information appears to be safe, Trion Worlds recommends that if you use the same account info for your financial institutions (which you should never, never do) then you should definitely change your password at your bank. Noob.

Rift players, don’t worry, you might actually come out ahead on this one. This hacking will have no effect on your playing time over the holidays as Trion Worlds will keep the servers up and running. And, just to show good will, they are offering all players with an active account 3 free days of game time. On top of that, once you change your password for Rift, you will get an in-game item called the “Moneybags’ Purse” which will increase your looted coin by 10 percent.

All in all, that seems like ample compensation for having to change your password. Check out Trion World’s page on the hacking for more information.

Source: Trion Worlds

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