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Rift of the NecroDancer Shreds onto Switch This Year

Rift of the NecroDancer gets a trailer for Nintendo Switch at the Indie World Showcase, release date set for later in 2023 PC Steam

Today’s Indie World Showcase was a quiet affair. However, one title shown off was a welcome surprise. Rift of the NecroDancer was revealed in a trailer for Nintendo Switch by Brace Yourself Games, after being announced for PC last year. A spinoff of the NecroDancer series, the title sees protagonist Cadence enter a new world of rhythm game shenanigans.

The game contains a variety of modes. Rift Mode has Cadence enter various rhythmic battles against monsters from the Rift. The monsters have unique patterns, and some take multiple hits to conquer. Mini Game Mode shows Cadence doing rhythm games in the modern world, like with yoga. (It’s much like Rhythm Heaven Fever.) There are five character storylines with their own unique minigame, so expect even more variety. Finally, there’s Boss Battles Mode. You’ll have to follow the rhythm of the beat to defeat these tough baddies. Mod support and online leaderboards round out the package.

Rift of the NecroDancer will launch on Nintendo Switch and presumably PC later this year. I’m definitely excited to see how it plays. I enjoyed Cadence of Hyrule immensely, though its roguelike elements turned me off a bit. Hopefully, this spinoff will be more fixed. Plus, the gameplay reminds me of Guitar Hero. What can I say? I am a sucker for nostalgia.

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