Complete the penultimate chapter of RiME with our walkthrough for Depression.

Chapter 4: Depression sends the lost kid to a rainy island made of smooth black rock. Sentinels, the walking robots you revived in the previous chapter, appear to open the doors and kick down the walls blocking your progress. This is a pretty puzzle-light chapter, but there are still challenges to overcome. At the end of the chapter, you’ll have to track down and collect four hidden soul statues — just like the first puzzle in the first chapter.

Learn where to go and what to do with the guide below. The text explains every step, with a gallery to give you a tour of the stormy, sad ruin.

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Chapter 4: Depression | Walkthrough

As the chapter begins, the kid rides a sentinel towards a rain-soaked ruin, trapped in darkness. There’s a massive mural in the starting area, and a path leading up and into the structure on the right. Enter the chamber with the crying statue of the kind. At the top, you’ll encounter a short cutscene as shades stalk by you.

Follow the sentinels through the gold door, and continue to follow them – one will kick down a pillar so you can progress. Your trusty fox companion will show you the way down along the exterior wall. Approach your fox, and a sentinel will kick down the wall so you can get back on track.

The sentinels will open a second and third door for the kid, sacrificing themselves so you can continue into the chapter and reach the first puzzle of the area.

The Four Statues

Just like at the beginning of the game, you’ll need to find four statues in the environment and activate them with a shout. The shades will (mostly) leave you alone, so all you need to do is track the bright blue beams of light in the far distance.

Statue #1: From the four statues, go right and climb the stairs up to reach the top of the entranceway. Your fox is waiting, and its howl will turn the regular statue into a soul statue. Shout when it glows – you’ve got three more to go.

Statue #2: Go to the far right. The area is complex, so stay up high and use the multiple ledges to cross until you reach the large open area with the statue on a tall structure. Start at the archway in the back and use the small ramp to reach a ledge. Climb onto the tower and hop to the glowing circle to release water, adjusting the ramp below so you can clamber up onto the broken bridge.

Statue #3: Run to the far end of the circular area. Behind the central building, there’s another tall pillar with a statue at the top. Start at the ramp at the base and jump from the white chalk-marked ledges. The progression is linear, leading right back to the top of the column.

Statue #4: The last statue on to the left from the central statue and starting area. This area features a tall walkway you can’t normally reach. Go around and jump to all the circular handholds – when you grab them, the structure will crumble, creating a path up to the high walkway. Pull on both, then pull the third one on the tower blocking your path to reach the last statue.

Return to the statue of the crying child and shout to activate all four activated soul statues. A path will open to the central building and the shades will melt away. Wiggle and move to escape your stone prison, and you’ll be able to access the middle of this mysterious area.

The Fountain Of Tears

Inside, climb the ledges around the center pillar until you reach the top. Pull the glowing lock to release the chain and bath one corner of the structure in light, revealing lots of white chalk-marked handholds and ledges for you to climb.

Drop down to the ground floor, then climb up the illuminated wall. At the top, use the windows to reach the second chain. Break the lock, then use the ledges to climb down, under and across the lock platform toward the third chain.

Walk across the chain to reach (and break) the last lock. When the tower fills with light, you’ll appear in a new area.

Reborn In Light

To complete the chapter, stand on the moon block and project a silhouette onto the image on the wall. The floor will disappear, and you’ll see that you’re in the tower, only backwards! You’re running along the bottom of the spiral staircase, rushing to the very “top” of the tower.

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