The final chapter of RiME is a short one. You won’t find any puzzles here, but there is an emotional ending to experience. Say goodbye to the beautiful little world of RiME in the last part of our walkthrough.

If you hadn’t realized it yet, the titles of each chapter refer to the five stages of grief. The final chapter of RiME isn’t a traditional “stage”, instead you’ll experience events from multiple perspectives, and swap places to finish up the story. All questions are answered.

Keep scrolling for a spoiler-filled look into the ending to accompany the rest of our walkthrough. It just wouldn’t feel complete without Chapter 5.

Table of Contents

Chapter 5: Acceptance | Walkthrough

Waking up on a strange bed, interact with the open door and approach your father, trapped in stone at the end of the hall. Once you get close, the house will fade away and reveal an hole. Shades are dropping inside, and there’s a blue light at the bottom. Jump down, and the scene will change.

You’re now a father, in an empty home. You’re free to explore and take a look around, soak in the details, or enter the hallway. You’ll automatically unlock the door to your son’s empty room. Once again, you’re free to look around and explore. You can look at the toy collectibles you found along the way.

When you’re ready, go towards the door. The boy will reappear briefly on the bed, along with his mother, but they’ll disappear. When standing at the window, move the controller to let the piece of red cloth go and complete the game.

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