Riot Game’s New Office is Seriously Cool


Riot Game’s new office is probably cooler than yours.

Everyone knows how big tech companies like Google and Blizzard have huge, extravagant fun-house offices, and now League of Legends developer Riot Games is ready to join in on the fun, announcing its move to a brand-new 284,000 square foot campus in western Los Angeles. On its official blog, Riot offered fans a glimpse into the world its employees will soon be enjoying on a daily basis. Check it out below:

The new entryway, no doubt inspired by Blizzard’s badass Orc statue, features an equally badass sculpture of two of League of Legends most iconic characters: Annie and Tibbers.

Elsewhere, there’s a play area, complete with dozens of computers for devs to get their League on, and various arcades to simply relax in. There are also almost 100 breakout rooms, four atriums, and an outdoor area that appears to feature a large-scale chessboard where the pieces sit on the ground.

Lastly, “Bilgewater Brew’s” is the campus’s restaurant, and appropriately looks like it was taken straight out of the League of Legends universe.

So take a moment to marvel at Riot’s new office, and curse that the one you are working at isn’t as cool.

Source: Riot Games

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