Vampire the Masquerade 1992

Vampire: The Masquerade, the hugely successful tabletop RPG that launched White Wolf’s World of Darkness, has arrived on Bundle of Holding.

Most tabletop roleplaying games let players be heroes, but Vampire: The Masquerade was one of the first to let you become a monster. Published by White Wolf and kicking off the World of Darkness RPG line, Vampire introduced a cutthroat modern world where vampire clans struggled against each other – and their own violent instincts. The game was a phenomenal success, and even though White Wolf eventually scrapped the classic system and mythology many fans still fondly remember the original setting. Now tabletop players of stripes sink their teeth into the RPG classic with Bundle of Holding’s Vampire: The Masquerade Second Edition collection.

As with past sets, Bundle of Holding offers tiers for players and gamemasters alike. Paying the minimum of $8.95 unlocks the Player’s collection, covering Vampire: The Masquerade, the Vampire Player’s Guide, and the renegade faction book Players Guide to the Sabbat.

Paying above the average, on the other hand, unlocks a massive collection of GM resources. First up are two handbooks with storytelling advice, clans, and bloodlines: The Storytellers Handbook and Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat. Next is A World of Darkness, providing NPCs and outlining the history of vampire societies across the world. Chicago by Night is Vampire‘s most popular setting book, detailing an alternate version of the Windy City. Finally, The Kindred Most Wanted and Who’s Who Among Vampires provides a wealth of antagonists and NPCs… including the legendary Dracula himself.

What’s more, the collection itself isn’t finished yet. Bundle of Holding will be releasing additional volumes during the set’s two-week runtime. And that’s just Vampire; World of Darkness quickly expanded to cover werewolves, mages, demons, and more. In other words, if this Bundle of Holding is a success, more classic WoD lines are likely to follow. And given the love fans have for Masquerade, the chances of that happening are fairly high.

Confession time: My introduction to Vampire wasn’t through the RPG, but the Bloodlines video game. But I enjoyed the setting so much that World of Darkness ended up first-ever tabletop game purchase. To be able to snatch up a collection like this (at a hefty discount no less) is a real treat for the world and mythology alone, and well worth checking out.

Source: Bundle of Holding

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