An officially licensed sequel to the classic NES game still needs several thousand in funding before its Oct. 9 closing date on Kickstarter.

Canadian developer Conatus Creative has a dream, and that dream is an official sequel to beloved NES game River City Ransom. While they have the license, as well as input from Double Dragon director and “grandfather of the beat ’em up genre” Yoshihisa Kishimoto, the team is still a few grand short of their goal, with only four days to go on their Kickstarter page. Conatus needs to raise $180,000 in Canadian dollars by Oct. 9, or the project will need to come to a premature end. As of this writing, they have a little over $161,000, so if you’re a fan of the brawler genre now is the time to start giving.

As described in the video above, the game, River City Ransom: Underground, features similar 8-bit style graphics and RPG mechanics to the original as well as co-op play. Also lending his talent to the project is Rich “Disasterpeace” Vreeland, the composer for FEZ. A pledge of $15 in Canadian dollars, which breaks down to $14.58 American, is enough to get a digital copy of the game for Windows once it releases, should the project’s funding goal be reached.

Source: Kickstarter

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