Rob Your Friends in Your Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Keep your friends close, and their most precious belongings closer.

Opulencia is a world where “hospitality” means providing your guests with a wide variety of painful deaths to choose from. When you aren’t raiding your neighbors’ dungeons to steal everything that isn’t nailed down or trying to kill you, you’d better be investing in vicious creatures and deadly traps to safeguard your own hoard of treasure. Newcomers to the loot-fest may find themselves overwhelmed by the responsibilities of maintaining their lair between raids, but thankfully Sir Painhammer (skilled knight and media magnate) has taken time out of his busy schedule to teach newbies the fundamentals of life in The Might Quest for Epic Loot‘s first gameplay trailer.

Painhammer (who ironically prefers really big swords) spends some time suiting up before leaving home. Epic loot is right there in the name of the game, so there will be plenty of weapons, armor, and trinkets to trick out your hero once you’ve liberated the gear from your rivals. The direct combat portions of the game play out as a hack-and-slash RPG, so expect your wardrobe to expand with your abilities as you accumulate wealth and infamy. And as Painhammer himself says, “A man’s gotta look his best to put some punishment onto these losers.”

You can’t expect your neighbors to sit there and not try to steal your hard-earned loot while you’re away, so defensive measures are in order. You’ll build your castle room by room, adding traps and minions to take on all comers to your fearsome lair. From towering boss monsters to lowly chickens in improvised armor, any and all monsters you can afford while fight loyally to protect your stolen goods. Every hero that falls to your defenses adds a little more to your pile of plunder, but sloppy castle design could leave you humiliated and broke, and nobody wants that! For each failed defense, you can see a replay to track down flaws in your trap placement, then click the handy “Revenge” button to send you straight to your triumphant neighbor’s keep and take back what’s yours (which, in all honesty, was probably someone else’s first).

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot doesn’t have a scheduled release date as of yet, but any paranoid kleptomaniacs who are eager to get an early start can sign up for the game’s closed beta “in the near future.”

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