Robocop Wants Detroit to Build Robocop Statue

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Dead or alive, you will build that statue!

It’s become common knowledge that, after their mayor refused to build a Robocop statue, the concerned citizens of Detroit decided that they’d just raise the funds themselves. Now, the project has a new supporter: Peter Weller, AKA Alex Murphy AKA Robocop himself.

Peter Weller recently made the included video as an exclusive for humor site Funny Or Die, and he manages to provide a pretty goofy monologue that makes fun of the whole campaign while simultaneously throwing some support behind it. Amongst other points, Weller mentions how Detroit’s Mayor David Bing dismissed the idea as “silly.”

“Was it silly when Murphy sacrificed his very identity to fight crime?” Weller asked. “Was it silly when Murphy cleaned up drugs in Detroit and saved the city from being demolished? Was it silly when Murphy battled the super robot Kane, tore out his brain with his bare hands? All you could see was his spinal cord and Kane was sitting there screaming AUUGGGGH? I don’t find it silly at all.”

We don’t find it silly, either, Buckaroo Banzai. Though you singing along to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”? Kinda silly.

Source: Funny Or Die via io9

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